Vin blanc

58 items

    58 items
    Ariel - Chardonnay - Blanc
    Artis - Chardonnay - Blanc
    Blancat Natur - Muscat - Blanc
    De-alcoholised Wine from France. For non drinkers or perhaps slimmers. It has about half the Calories of a typical Chardonnay and less than 0.5% alcohol. The palate is surprisingly wine like with some fruit character, because the wine has been dealcoholized by using 'spinning cone' technology that preserves much more wine character than is usual in alcohol removal processes.
    Bon voyage - White - Chardonnay
    A sour beer that’s not too sour, with balanced tropical fruit aromas and a subtle cereal finish. A lightly coloured body topped with a nice smooth head. A Tropical Sour for an exotic refreshment.
    Carl Jung - Chardonnay - Blanc
    Beau-frère - Chenin Blanc - Blanc
    Dr Zenzen - Riesling - Blanc
    With its deep golden hue, and lively tropical fruit aromas, our alcohol-removed Chardonnay is elegance personified. Rich, creamy apple flavors mingle with crisp citrus notes on the palate, leading to an enjoyably tart finish.
    Fre - Chardonnay - Blanc
    Low Sugar
    Giesen - Riesling - Blanc
    The JP Chenet range of wines from South-West France offer great value for money. This Chardonnay has white pear, peach an wite flowers flavours, a lick of acidity and is deliciously drinkable.
    JP Chenet - Chardonnay - Blanc
    Lautus - Chardonnay - Blanc
    Lautus - Sauvignon - Blanc
    Le Petit Chavin - Chardonnay - White
    Les Cocottes 0% Chardonnay first seduces the eye with a golden color with shiny and sparkling reflections. On the nose, aromas of tropical fruits, peaches, lychees and white flowers mingle. The palate is fruity and balanced by a delicate freshness.
    Les Cocottes - Chardonnay - White
    Loxton - Sauvignon Blanc - Blanc
    Luminara - Chardonnay - Blanc
    Noughty - Chardonnay - Blanc
    Nullnummer - Chardonnay - Blanc