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    Secco St. Regis is a dealcoholised sparkling wine with a pale gold color from which emerge fine elegant bubbles. Well balanced and structured, it is marked by intense notes of fruit.
    St. Régis - Secco - Mousseux
    St. Regis Chardonnay is a delicious, refreshing and elegant wine. Its golden yellow color reflects its light, aromatic and cheerful personality. On the palate, it offers a most balanced sensation and a medium intensity on the finish.
    St. Régis - Chardonnay - White
    Made from a rich selection of Chardonnay grapes and using traditional methods by our master winemakers, this remarkable product does not compromise on taste to please the most discerning palates. Make any occasion memorable with this Brut that reveals lively acidity and a round mouthfeel.
    St. Régis - Brut - Mousseux
    Beneath the deep ruby red color of this full-bodied wine hides a perfect marriage of the best grapes from our northern Spanish vineyard. Well-structured, it is the cool climate of the region that gives this wine its dark color and its aroma of spices, mint, ripe plums and blackcurrants.
    St. Régis - Shiraz - Rosé