Undone - Juniper Type - Gin

Undone - Juniper Type - Gin

Undone - Juniper Type - Gin

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Experience the essence of a timeless London Dry Gin, distilled without the alcohol. UNDONE NO. 2 captivates with the fragrance of freshly harvested juniper, complemented by crisp citrus tones and a subtle hint of cucumber peel. Savor the palate with a pronounced juniper essence, delicate herbal undertones, and a vibrant citrus burst that lingers gracefully in the aftertaste, delivering a truly memorable sensory journey.

Notes:  Citrus, cucumber, juniper

Ingredients: Water, invert sugar syrup, Herbs, Fruit and spice extracts, acidifier citric acid, juniper,distillate, preservative pottassium sorbate, natural flavour.

Alcohol: 0.00%

Size: 750ml

lowcal Glutenfree sugarfree