NOA - Italian Aperitivo

NOA - Italian Aperitivo

NOA - Italian Aperitivo

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Discover the delectable taste of a Spritz, a drink that has been enjoyed by generations. This Italian Aperitif, inspired by Aperol, features hints of orange peel, tangerine juice, and rhubarb, with a bittersweet finish of caramelized barley sugar. Enjoy a light, fruity, and slightly bitter beverage that perfectly balances an aperitif without the alcohol.

Notes: Orange peel, tangerine, rhubarb

Ingredients: Filtered water, Cane sugar, Glycerin, Natural flavors, Citric acid, Potassium sorbate, Sodium benzoate, Sun yellow FCF, Allura red, Tartrazine.

Origin: Quebec, Canada

Alcohol: <0.5%

Size: 700ml